Idea to conclusion in just 5 days

In just one week, we’ll collaborate and produce a realistic prototype to be screened to a real audience, for real results.


Beforehand we’ll work with you to fully understand the problem and define the challenge. We’ll sketch out initial ideas that will act as starting points for the week ahead.


We will produce a working prototype that has been tested with a sample audience to provide real life reaction and feedback.

Further development

We can help refine and rebuild future iterations, delivering strategies for integration and routes to market.

Accelerated innovation

Working fast gives quick results, saving time and money. It minimises guess work and emphasises iteration and refinement. The sooner something can be tested, the sooner it can be improved. and released.

Case studies

These three case studies are examples from previous collaborative accelerated innovation projects.

My Favourite Films

My favourite films is an application to help Film4 audiences share, compare and discuss their all time favourite 3 films and find new ones.

Show & Tell
Random House

Show & Tell is a web application that enables audiences to read a book together. Each participant reads a page. Individual performances  are then stitched together into one video.

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Dance & Digital
Pavillion Dance South West

A week of discovery and innovation, to investigate how dance and digital can work together as equal partners, resulting in a prototype for performance.

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