Innovation at our heart

Redweb Labs is the innovation department within Redweb. We probe and play with emerging technologies to better understand their potential. We investigate the latest trends and buzzwords through the creative use of technology. We aim to influence Redweb colleagues and clients by sharing our learning and showing glimpses of the future. There is an old Chinese proverb that states:

“When winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills”.

Redweb labs is where we dig the foundations for our windmills.

Our approach

We are very hands on. We work rapidly, thinking like a start up and tackling the most looming problems first. Prediction is often no better than guess work, we like to get stuck in. We learn by making, and deliver through prototypes and proofs of concept. Our results are evaluated through cycles of testing and iteration, to maintain direction and ensure progression. We believe in digital experiences that are frictionless, invisible and memorable.




Our Labs team

Our small full time team often work alongside other Redweb Staff, students, interns, freelancers & friends.

David Burton
Head of Innovation

Jack of all trades, master of nine: producer, innovator, maker, painter, printmaker, illustrator, pipe smoker, pub lover, fly fisherman. David is happiest with a pen in his hand exploring new ideas and where they might lead.

Brandon Hawkes
Creative Technologist

Brandon is a highly skilled full stack web, app and IoT developer, as well as a Pi, Arduino and electronics tinkerer. His versatility and inventiveness make him an adept hackathon participator, collaborator and problem solver.


Best Blue Sky Project

BIMA Awards 2014

Best use of tech

Wirehive 100 Awards 2016

Best Creative Craft

Media & Innovation Awards 2014

Most Innovative Digital Agency

Econsultancy Awards 2012

Most Innovative Digital Agency

Econsultancy Awards 2011